Upcoming Concerts

20/10/2023 St James Church Picadilly

A return visit from last year to this beautiful London venue.

Two late Piano sonatas by Beethoven, Op 109, and op 110 sandwiching the 3 Romances Op 11 by Clara Schumann.
In the second half Robert Schumann's monumental set of pieces Kreisleriana Op 16
Myself. A very welcome return to this lovely London concert venue in a programme of early Romantic piano music.
26/10/2023, 27/109/2023, 28/10/2023 Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music, Singapore

As part of a big weekend Symposium held at the YST Conservatory of Music Singapore, I am delighted to be involved in 3 of the days to include performing, discussing performing techniques and other events. I am also delighted to introduce young Singaporean pianist Churen Li, with whom I will be performing 2 piano works as well as some 4 hand pieces on the fortepiano.


1) A programme of 2 piano works to include:
Ravel La Valse
Stravinsky Rite of Spring
Darius Milhaud Scaramouche.

2) A programme of selected Sonatas and Variations by Mozart on a fortepiano for 4 hands.

3) Kevin Volans L'Africaine for Piano Solo

Churen Li, piano
and Myself.
A very welcome return for me to the YST Conservatory of Music, Singapore's musical pride and joy, and where I have spent many happy hours performing and coaching talented young pianists and other chamber groups. I am also extremely delighted to introduce and to perform with young Singaporean pianist Churen Li for the first time. A joyous occasion and collaboration.
02/12/2023 Charleston Farmhouse, East Sussex

An eagerly anticipated return to this lovely special venue for another evening in our series Music and Word at Charleston. I am also delighted  that Sir Derek Jacobi will be joining me on stage for this evening’s event.


The aim of these concerts in this series of Music and Word is to fuse music and literature, and many of the readings also have a relevance to Charleston itself and its illustrious history.
Texts by Dylan Thomas, Virginia Woolf, Proust and Karen Blixen.
Music by Debussy, Messiaen, Brett Dean, Brahms, Britten and Poulenc and Kevin Volans.
Sir Derek Jacobi
This will promise to be a very special night for all. Music and literature intertwining with each other always has a mesmerising effect, and I am hoping the audience will be dreaming all the way home! Well, perhaps not literally!!