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17/05/2021 Wigmore Hall London

A welcome, a very welcome start albeit tentative to this year. A recital in one of the most loved and special venues in the world. How lucky we are!

The last three Beethoven Piano Sonatas.
Op 109 in E, Op 110 in A flat, and Op 111 in C minor.
Myself. My very first concert in a very long time...like most of my dear friends and colleagues these last 13 months have been a very strange and difficult time, a time of uncertainty, loneliness and despair. As we ease gradually out of this lockdown, and ease ourselves into the very lives we have been so accustomed to, let us not forget all the loved and dear ones we have lost in this awful pandemic.
04/04/2020 This concert has had to be postponed till 2021 when hopefully Charleston will again be open to visitors and audience. Charleston Farmhouse, Sussex

A small series of readings and music created by Paul Boucher and myself entitled Music and Word at Charleston Farmhouse in Sussex. This evening’s programme is centred around Messiaen, with additional music by Debussy, Ravel and Messiaen, and readings from texts which will I hope further enhance the music.

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The music included in this evening's programme will be centred on the towering chamber work Messiaen's Quartet for the End of Time, written during the Second World War in an internment camp. There will also be piano solos by Debussy, Ravel and Messiaen to complement the Quartet. Interspersed with the music will be readings of texts by Keats, Shakespeare, TS Eliot, Virginia Woolf, Laurie Lee and Olivier Messiaen himself. Sacha Rattle, Clarinet.
Kathy Gowers, Violin.
Thomas Carroll, Cello.
and myself.
The reader will be shortly be confirmed by Charleston.
This is a wonderful opportunity to hear and get to know Messiaen's gigantic chamber work Quartet for the End of Time. Before the evening concert, Paul Boucher will be giving a pre-concert talk about the Messiaen work and its relevance to the world today, and to Charleston itself.