Upcoming Concerts

18/06/2023 Hatchlands Park Surrey

In the splendid surroundings of Hatchlands Park, and Alec Cobbe’s wonderful collection of keyboard instruments, a concert for the Chopin Society on Chopin’s own Pleyel piano, which forms part of the Cobbe Collection.

An all Chopin Programme to include the Preludes Op 28.
also on the programme:
Scherzo in B minor Op 20
2 Nocturnes
Ballade Op 47
Polonaise Fantasie Op 61
Myself This is a very rare opportunity to hear Chopin's own Pleyel piano which is part of the Cobbe Collection at Hatchlands Park. The sound world of these pianos will lend a haunting memory to this wonderful music.
06/07/2023 Wick Street Farm Arlington, near Ripe, East Sussex

In the pretty village of Ripe in East Sussex, a lovely Summer Music  Festival happens each year!!

Chopin Nocturne Op 27 no 2
Schumann Kreisleriana op 16
Britten Holiday Diary op 5
Chopin Ballade op 47
Myself. This is about as local as I can get! Performing a concert for my friends in my village of Ripe.!
25/07/2023, 26/07/2023 and 27/07/2023 Paxton House

Very happy to be visiting this Festival near the Scottish Borders for the first time.


Programme 1
Music for Cello and Piano
Beethoven The complete Sonatas for Cello and Piano

Programme 2
Beethoven Piano sonatas Op 109, 110, 111

On the final day of our stay, 27/07/2023
I will be conducting a Masterclass with repertoire from Variations for Judith, which I premiered at Spitalfields Festival a while back, and which continues to inspire pianists from all backgrounds.

Guy Johnston, cello
This is something I am particularly looking forward to, and always a huge pleasure to perform with Guy Johnston.
And especially interesting for the audience to be able to hear all the Beethoven Cello and Piano Sonatas in one evening! And the last three Piano Sonatas the next!!