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January/February/March 2019 No Venue


No Programme No Artists Spring 2019 will see my taking January through to March time off. New repertoire amongst other reasons.
Concerts will resume in April 2019. More for the year to come at a later date!
06/04/2019 Charleston Farmhouse, Sussex

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This is the launch of a new series which I have helped devise for this spectacular new Barn at Charleston, home of Vanessa Bell and Duncan Grant and the Bloomsbury Group. The series will comprise music and incorporate spoken word, often extracts from the immense library collection which is housed in the Farnhouse

The programme will comprise music by Debussy, Poulenc and Satie, together with the Moonlight Sonata Beethoven. Extracts for the reading will be by Proust and Virginia Woolf, amongst others. I am delighted to launch the series with my solo piano contribution, and with a speaker, whom we are waiting to confirm. This is a brand new series of Music and Word and Charleston, and do look out for the next concert which is planned in September.
17/04/2019 Aureus Academy Conservatory Singapore


The launch of a new Conservatory of Music in Singapore. The initial venture started out nearly 6 years ago with brothers Lawrence and Julius Sarabi as a centre for children to learn music and their instruments outside of schooling hours. This has blossomed into nearly 30 branches and 7000 students and starting a Conservatory for students at a higher level was the next obvious move. I will be visiting 3 times each year, each visit for about 2-3 weeks.


As Head of the keyboard section, I will be overseeing the teaching of the piano students in the new Conservatory as well as conducting Masterclasses, lectures and lecture recitals for all the students. Head of Keyboard in the new Aureus Conservatory. I am deeply flattered and honoured to be part of this remarkable enterprise, and the new launch of the Aureus Conservatory. Long may it continue.
06/05/2019 Villa Medici Giulini


The Villa Medici Giulini in Briosco, near Como in Italy houses one of largest and finest collection of early keyboards in the world. The Villa, once a glamorous hunting lodge of the Medici Family, is set amongst beautiful gardens and there is now a newly built theatre where concerts and musical talks are held. Housing probably some 50 keyboards, the pianos sit amongst all the rooms in the house.There is also accommodation set apart from the main building.
The tour is operated by Kirker Music Holidays and will comprise 4 concerts, ending on the 12 May.

Programme 1 will explore the sound world of Mozart and his contemporaries, something very different to the piano sound we are used to today.
Programme 2 will explore Beethoven, Schubert and see the development of the piano, which Beethoven almost single handedly started to demand change from the fragile instruments; bigger sounds, larger key compass.
Programme 3 With the pianos of the 1860's and beyond, things have not much changed with the piano, but the older instruments still have a bell-like sonority and clarity not always evident in modern pianos.
This programme will feature pianos by Erard and Pleyel, favourite makers of Chopin and Liszt.
There will also be an evening excursion into Milan on one of the evenings.
I will be introducing the programmes myself and Paul Boucher will be giving talks throughout the stay about the instruments and provide a more historical picture of the development of the piano.
This is a rare opportunity to visit this great collection and house which is not opened to the General Public, and to experience the kind of ambience which was very much what the composers of the time also heard and experienced.
17/05/2019 Paphos in Cyprus

An evening of chamber music with Guy Johnston, cello, and myself in a Festival in Paphos, Cyprus.

The programme will comprise Mendelssohn D major Cello and Piano sonata and a work by his contemporary Sterndale Bennett, alongside works by Schumann and Chopin. Guy Johnston, cello and myself. Always a huge pleasure to play chamber music with Guy and this wonderful programme will guarantee us both lots of musical fun!
28/05/2019 Venue to be confirmed.

Jonathan Dove, the Festival Director, has devised a theme this year of Fire and Water and the First Landing on the Moon… and I have put together a programme accordingly!

Beethoven Moonlight Sonata Op 27 no2
Liszt Les Jeux d'Eau à la Villa d'Este
Jonathan Dove Catching Fire (Written in celebration of my 60th Birthday in 2016)
Debussy Images Bk 1
Debussy Suite Bergamasque
Piano solo A very interesting mix and combination of pieces, and wonderful for me to be able to perform Jonathan Dove's Catching Fire again. Just as well there is also some water pieces nearby!!
12/06/2019 St Giles House Dorset

As part of the Chamber Music series brought to you by the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra, I am delighted and honoured to open this year’s series of concerts at St Giles.

Beethoven Sonata Op 111
Debussy Images Bk 2
Brett Dean Homage à Brahms
Brahms 4 Intermezzi Op 119
Piano solo A programme of contrasts.
The Brett Dean pieces were written as a homage to the Brahms Op 119. They are 3 short but very different pieces, and will interleaf with the Brahms pieces, as they were intended to by Dean.