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06/04/2019 Charleston Farmhouse, Sussex

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This is the launch of a new series which I have helped devise for this spectacular new Barn at Charleston, home of Vanessa Bell and Duncan Grant and the Bloomsbury Group. The series will comprise music and incorporate spoken word, often extracts from the immense library collection which is housed in the Farnhouse

The programme will comprise music by Debussy, Poulenc and Satie, together with the Moonlight Sonata Beethoven. Extracts for the reading will be by Proust and Virginia Woolf, amongst others. I am delighted to launch the series with my solo piano contribution, and with a reader. The reader in tonight's performance I am delighted to announce will be Eve Best.
We are indeed very honoured and lucky!!
This is a brand new series of Music and Word and Charleston, and do look out for the next concert which is planned in September.
06/05/2019 Villa Medici Giulini


The Villa Medici Giulini in Briosco, near Como in Italy houses one of largest and finest collection of early keyboards in the world. The Villa, once a glamorous hunting lodge of the Medici Family, is set amongst beautiful gardens and there is now a newly built theatre where concerts and musical talks are held. Housing probably some 50 keyboards, the pianos sit amongst all the rooms in the house.There is also accommodation set apart from the main building.
The tour is operated by Kirker Music Holidays and will comprise 4 concerts, ending on the 12 May.



Programme 1 will explore the sound world of Mozart and his contemporaries, something very different to the piano sound we are used to today.
Programme 2 will explore Beethoven, Schubert and see the development of the piano, which Beethoven almost single handedly started to demand change from the fragile instruments; bigger sounds, larger key compass.
Programme 3 With the pianos of the 1860's and beyond, things have not much changed with the piano, but the older instruments still have a bell-like sonority and clarity not always evident in modern pianos.
This programme will feature pianos by Erard and Pleyel, favourite makers of Chopin and Liszt.
There will also be an evening excursion into Milan on one of the evenings.
I will be introducing the programmes myself and Paul Boucher will be giving talks throughout the stay about the instruments and provide a more historical picture of the development of the piano.
This is a rare opportunity to visit this great collection and house which is not opened to the General Public, and to experience the kind of ambience which was very much what the composers of the time also heard and experienced.
28/05/2019 St Thomas' Church, Salisbury City Centre

Jonathan Dove, the Festival Director, has devised a theme this year of Fire and Water and the First Landing on the Moon… and I have put together a programme accordingly!

Beethoven Moonlight Sonata Op 27 no2
Liszt Les Jeux d'Eau à la Villa d'Este
Jonathan Dove Catching Fire (Written in celebration of my 60th Birthday in 2016)
Debussy Suite Bergamasque
Ravel 5 Miroirs
Piano solo A very interesting mix and combination of pieces, and wonderful for me to be able to perform Jonathan Dove's Catching Fire again. Just as well there is also some water pieces nearby!!
12/06/2019 St Giles House Dorset at 6:15pm

As part of the Chamber Music series brought to you by the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra, I am delighted and honoured to open this year’s series of concerts at St Giles.



Beethoven Sonata Op 111
Debussy Images Bk 2
Brett Dean Homage à Brahms
Brahms 4 Intermezzi Op 119
Piano solo A programme of contrasts.
The Brett Dean pieces were written as a homage to the Brahms Op 119. They are 3 short but very different pieces, and will interleaf with the Brahms pieces, as they were intended to by Dean.
21/07/2019 The Finchcocks Charity Ltd, Tunbridge Wells

The Finchcocks Charity is now also the Richard Burnett Heritage Collection of Historical Instruments, once housed at Finchcocks in Goudhurst, Kent.

There are 2 concerts. The first is at 2:30pm and the second at 6pm.



CPE Bach Fantasy in C major
Beethoven Sonata Op 2 no 3
Beethoven Sonata Op 53 Waldstein
Schubert Sonata in A major Op 120 D 664
Myself. As Patron of the Finchcocks Charity I am very pleased to present this programme featuring instruments from the Collection.
24/07/2019 St Andrew's Church, Alfriston, East Sussex

I am delighted to be part of South Downs Summer Music this year!



Liszt Les Jeux d'Eaux à la villa d'Éste
Debussy Reflets dans l'Eau
Debussy Poissons d'Or
Jonathan Dove Catching Fire

Chopin Concerto in F minor arranged for Piano and String Quartet
The Benyounes Quartet
And myself.
A programme of contrasts. A piano solos first half of 'water' and 'fire' followed by Chopin Piano concerto in F minor arranged for Piano and String Quartet
02/08/2019 The Museum Auditorium in Le Chambon sur Lignon

The evening’s programme is based on the affection and love between the young Brahms and the older Clara Schumann, ending with a vision of the elderly and mature Brahms, with Brett Dean’s tribute to the Piano Pieces Op 119.

Brahms Sonata no 2 in F sharp minor
Clara Schumann 3 Romances
Brahms Piano pieces Op 119
Brett Dean Homage à Brahms
Piano Solo. Le Chambon sur Lignon is a town in the Haute Loire region in France, where this recital will take place. Eliane Voquier who is Mayor, is an old friend and who persuaded me to come and play. A very special evening indeed!
13/08/2019 and 15/08/2019 St Mary's Church, South Creake, North Norfolk

The programme this evening is based loosely around Clara and Robert Schumann and the impact the young Brahms had on both of them, and ends with the very mature Brahms toward the end of his life. Both concerts take place in the wonderful church at South Creake which forms the major part of the North Norfolk Music Festival.



The first of the concerts I am performing will be the String Quartet arrangement of Chopin's F minor Piano concerto.
The second concert is a recital based around Clara Schumann, Robert Schumann, and the young Brahms and later the very elderly Brahms, and some of the music they dedicated to each other.
Brahms F sharp minor Sonata Op 2 (dedicated to Clara Schumann)
Clara Schumann 3 Romances ( dedicated to Brahms )
Robert Schumann Fantasiestücke Op 111
Brahms 4 Piano Pieces Op 119
The first concert I am performing will be with the Castillain Quartet.
The second concert will be piano solo.
Its wonderful to be back again for my annual visit to the North Norfolk Music festival. Always a joy to be back and performing here feels more like playing to delightful friends rather than a concert!
15/09/2019 Charleston Farmhouse, Sussex

We are back at this wonderful venue and Barn for the second concert in our series for the Charleston Trust, called Music and Word, in a fascinating programme entitled Intimate Letters, based on Janáček incredibly powerful and moving string quartet of that name. We also welcome with immense pleasure Juliet Stevenson who will be reading for us this evening.


Janáček Quartet Intimate Letters
Korngold Piano quintet
and readings by Janáček, Kafka and Alma and Gustav Mahler amongst others.
The Skampa Quartet
Juliet Stevenson
and myself.
The programme and readings this evening will transport the listener to a wonderful and in many ways faraway world of Vienna and its surroundings. Janáček corresponded with his mistress of many many years though they never consummated their affair as the composer remained married to his wife during all this time. But as the years pass, the passion and longing in Janáček's letters to his mistress is there for all to see as the quartet will show in the performance. I am so delighted to welcome back the Skampa Quartet from Prague, with whom I have shared so many musical experiences in the past and explored so many deep musical insights during our times together. And finally a HUGE welcome to Juliet Stevenson who is joining us in this musical/literary journey of some of the most remarkable pieces written in the 20th century. An evening really not to be missed!!